Gary Hall Peck

Sojourner Songs

by Gary Hall Peck

Released 2014
Released 2014
An acoustic mosaic of soulful bluesy folk for travelers on the road of faith.
"The first time that I heard Gary's songs, I was immediately drawn in. It wasn't long before I began categorizing his tunes, trying to find some famous name to compare him to. At times, I heard shades of Paul Simon in his voice; here and there were flashes of Bob Dylan. . . I began to wonder though, why should I compare him to anything or anyone? Why do we have to categorize those things that defy categories? Sure, there are familiar, classic, lived-in elements to his songs. But there is also a vision of life and love and the mysteries therein that is completely unique as well. I get the feeling that this is a guy who is not beholden to genres or styles or fads or whims. This is a guy who brings a heart full of questions to the doorstep of music, and follows the demands of the song, wherever it takes him. His voice, bruised and gentle, the weight of experience alive in every syllable . . . there is only a human soul, stripped of superficialities, crying out to his Maker." Josh Compton, singer/songwriter