Gary Hall Peck

Blue Optimism

by Gary Hall Peck

Released 2018
Released 2018
Christian progressive folk - from world beats to blues. Songs to comfort the agitated and agitate the comfortable.
The music on this CD might be described Christian progressive folk - an eclectic mix with hints of Latin, Gypsy, Americana, Appalachian, Country-Rock, and instrumental-acoustic styles. The underlining theme of the lyrics is that, despite the darkness that may surround us as we sojourners of faith travel through this mortal life and material world, there is reason for optimism (i.e. the good news of the Gospel). But this Gospel is both comforting and challenging to those who would follow in the footsteps of Jesus. Therefore, like the Gospel, the songs on this CD may at the same time comfort those who are agitated and agitate those who have grown comfortable. "Blue Optimism" is a call to believers in Christ to live authentic lives of faith, compassion, and optimism here and now - to shine the light - until night gives birth to day!